Poetry Friday’s Are amazing

What is it about reciting poetry that is so enjoyable? I can’t begin to tell you how exillerating it has become. There was a time long ago I use to perform poetry on stage and enjoyed it very much. So much so, that I use to travel a distance to get to a poetry event.

Creating new poems and reciting them has become a great outlet for such a tragic event of my wife passing. When my wife passed on April 6, 2023. I thought life was over for me as well. I could not imagine doing anything all. In fact, I was going to a very dark place. Writing has always been an outlet, but when your thoughts are dark you don’t want to go back and read them. However, I learn to keep writing and let everything go.

Writing poetry keeps your imagination fully engage and free to create without boundaries. It allows you to think of the endless possibilities to be funny, happy, or sad, to show a the serious side of yourself, or to be vulnerable in the moment and share an intimate time where you bare naked for the world to see you transparently.

I choose to share with you today a creative side and the love for chocolate. Please tell me what you think and like it and share it with your friends and family.

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