The Truth about my weight

I just happen to find the picture above and it really tells a story. It tells how I have struggled to lose weight. Being an emotional eater my weight has fluctuated several times over the course of many years. It is no different now, with the loss of my wife in April of this year. My health and weight has taken a nose dive to say the least.

I weighed myself two weeks ago and did not like was I saw. I have ballooned back up to 280lbs and felt every bit of it. Since then I have struggled to get my eating habits under control and hit the gym four days a week. This morning I have weighed in at 275lbs and I could feel the difference. I know, it’s only five pound and I have a long way to go. The key is to keep working at it. The key is to never quit working at and continue to strive toward my goal.

At my heaviest 305lbs

In 2016 I reached my heaviest weight ever recorded for myself, 305lbs. It really was uncomfortable carrying that weight. I experienced difficulty walking getting dress was a workout in it self. Nevertheless. there was always something in me saying this is not your end. You are better than this, and you can lose the weight.

The Turning Point of hope

What changed? There was a little glimmer of hope deep in my spirit shinning a light that compelled me to kick it into gear. That it was time to stop complaining and feeling sorry for myself. When you are in a dark, hope is the light that illuminates the path which one is to follow to free themselves from the dungeon of despair and hopelessness.

Feeling hopeless is a dark feeling and it feels as though you have no other choices but stay there until you can no longer exist. However, darkness is nother but the absence of light, and the light is the way to salvation, strength, the word and it’s amazing power to overcome despair. It is not easy to fight your way back and want to live, to do better and to be a becon of hope for others who maybe facing something simular.

One of the easiest things in this world to do is be in a negative state mind. It’s easy!!! Working at being positive every single day is difficult for so many. You will alway have to work at being positive. Money is not the answer either. Sure money allows us to live with a certain amount of comfortability. However, it doesn’t provide our spirit with the substance it requires to find true worth or happiness for ourselves.

We are spiritual beings and to that end we have to work on repairing our spirit while we are working on our human form. Working on all of ourself simultaneously will provide us with a cohesive way of repairing our, spiritaully, mental state, emotional state, and physical being. The goal is to find an equilibrium with our spiritual and human being.

So, how does all that help weight loss?

The short answer to that question is this; there is a reason for being over-weight. Whatever the reason for you, make sure to understand that reason so that, we as over-weight people can tackle the problems with a lasting solution that works.

I am not an expert. I am one who is finding my way every day with the strengh to continue to grow as a person with the understanding that my actions have consequences, good or bad that I would have accept. My goal is to be ethical with integrity, honesty, and treat others as I would like to be treated.

Now, what in the world does that have to do with losing weight? Think about it for a minute. Ethical is dealing with my principles and morality about myself. If don’t hold a certain standard for myself well losing weight won’t matter. However, I want to uphold certain principles and live by certain standards of how I, act, think or even look, it will matter. That works hand in hand with having a degree of integrity for myself having a wholeness with a moral compass pointed in the right direction.

Honesty, we can fool everyone around us, but we cannot fool God or ourselves, rending our actions null and void. Being transparent and brutally honest with our selves is what we need to do to break the cycle that cuases us to have the fight with weight loss.

Birds of a Feather flock together

I have a mini gym in my house along with a very nice treadmill. Yet, I still spend money on gas, the membership of the gym, so I can go when I want. I choose to workout at the gym because it keeps me grounded and motivated at times when my desire to workout is low. I get to watch people who are obese beyond anything I have experience put in the painful workouts because they want to win the battle that put them in that state of obesity. I watch the sweat fall from their brows and the pain in the stroll toward another machine. In the end, I am thinking; if they can do it, so can I.

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