How do you express your gratitude?

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How do you express your gratitude?

I express gratitude the moment I open my eyes by thanking God for allowing me to see another day with all my senses and a clear mind. I thank you him for being the almighty God that he is. I thank him for my family, house, cars, and more importantly I thank him for his son Jesus Christ, I thank him for the messages, examples, and meanings in the Bible that help guide us to become better individuals.

Then I express my gratitude with my loved ones by letting them know it is good to see them and greet them as if I hadn’t seen them in a while. They think that I am crazy half the time and wonder how I can be so happy and uplifting in the morning. It all starts with the moment I open my eyes.

For my colleagues, I greet them with a big smile on my face and try to inspire and uplift them every chance I get. When I was younger I was always happy and shy around new people. However, I was always kind to strangers, tried my best to never judge but fell short many times only to be reminded that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

I believe being grateful starts within our heart for being thankful and mindful for all that we have, all that we received, and for the goodness that is coming out way through the joy of expectancy. When the dust settle at the end of the day. I make sure I have another conversation with God letting him know how grateful I am for having a good day. If I had a challenging day, I thank him for the challenges and the pain if any that allows me to grow through my adversity a become stronger having gone through it.

Why? With God all things are possible. I choose to believe it’s my choice because we all have a choice to choose to be grateful or not. I choose to be grateful through my actions and deeds.

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