Finding Purpose After Loss Is Difficult

It’s has been three months since my wife has passed and I am trying to find my way and do something meaningful that has substance. Writing has always been a passion of mine and sort of an outlet to share with you, my reader various thoughts, ideas, and sometimes what is simply on my mind.

Would you be interesting in sharing with me openly or in private communication if they have gone through something simular and if so, how have you coped?

With each day that passes by it does gets a little easier but the pain and loneliness doesn’t go away it’s almost a numbing feeling to it it all. My wife was my best friend, infact she was my only friend for forty-three years. When she went to her eternal home in heaven, I realize I had no one to talk with on a regular basis any longer.

I have colleagues and very few of them, but no one to have that deep conversation with that I can trust with all confidence. Perhaps it’s just me that go throught the pains of loss. But, I doubt that. I am curious just how other people cope with loss.

If you experience a loss in your life, would it be ok if you shared a portion of your experience with me. My personal email is You are also free to share it here as well.

I talk about this a great deal because it is always on my mind and I have to admit it really has helped me. I can feel my soul is yearning for more, I talked with to God more than I ever did now than in my entire life. That has also helped a great deal. I have read several books on losing a loved one and have grasped the many stages of grief and understand it takes time, and it’s a process.

Nevertheless, there is a longing to find what would give me purpose now in my life so that I can find life’s equilibrium. I am looking for your ideas and thoughts on this.

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