Poetry Friday’s

Out of the ashes a phoenix rise.
With sunsets and butterflies.
with oceans so vast and sunsets that don’t last.
From humble beginnings emerge a soul.


Like the caterpillar that slides upon the earth.
Until their transformation, ever so bold.
We witness a rebirth.


From the moment our eyes open wide, to the
inadequacies we try to hide. to the two
cents we share only to learn no one cares.

With Life, we have the freedom to choose,
our choices are a reflection of what’s in
our heart. Depending on what we
choose, we will see the beauty of light that’s
so right or the grim reaper of the Dark.

But Life.

like tides of the ocean, they come and go.
What’s here today may not be here tomorrow.
With each day that pass, we see sunsets that
never last. With the yarning of a new way.
We witness the beauty of a new day.

Life, with all its intricacies, we see the
rainbows of a promise so long ago, while many live
life casually. It’s a casualty not to take life
seriously. Until it’s too late we meet our inevitable fate,
Wishing we had more time.


Embrace and live every moment like it’s your last.
Stop looking in the review mirror of your past.
It’s time to make life’s home run and step into
the new person you want to become.


I know life can be tough. Under life’s pressure
you became a diamond in the rough.
You were made magnificently in the image of
the almighty one.


It can be so demanding. Just trust
in the Lord and lean not to your understanding.
Acknowledge him in everything you do. He will
direct your paths, it’s true.


Believe whatever you can conceive with
the help of God you can achieve.

© David Burton Rights Reserved.

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