One Dark Moment

Have you ever had a dark moment in your life where you thought your life was going to hell and everything couldn’t get any worse or better from your stand point in time? I have written a poem called “One Dark Moment” That depicts a dark time since loosing so many family members and then my wife within a short span of time.

David Burton

I know it wasn’t easy being with me. I tried to understand but couldn’t see. I knew the love you had for me. Somehow I didn’t think it would be enough. We had some good times and became closer whenever times got tough.

I failed you, and that is how I truly feel. Lost without you, How did you get the raw end of the deal?

They say death comes in 3’s so take me now Lord and spare the rest of my family. I am ready to be set free from this society that has nothing left for me.

Lonely I stand such a broken man. I pretend to be strong, but broken I am. You have taken all the best parts of me. Blinded, for I can’t see any goodness left in me. An empty shell, that is all that is left. So, Lord, I stand before you ready for a valiant death.

Don’t worry, nobody will miss little old me, as I stand in Death’s Valley smiling unafraid of being set free if it would save the rest of my family.

I don’t deserve all the chances you have given me. I have squandered every opportunity, and fallen short on every love you’ve given me. I was afraid of my own talent and where it might take me. So, you see, I am ashamed of how I have been behaving. Take me now Lord because this old soul doesn’t need saving.

As I ponder on death’s reality, I understand there is nothing there waiting for me, just the darkness that will overwhelm me as my spirit cries hoping you will hear it and have mercy.

And upon my last breath, your mercy lifts me to heaven where I want to be with the rest of my family as I experience the best family reunion in death.

Dear Lord, just in case you want me to stick around for some odd reason. Take away this lonely feeling and bring me into a new season. Fill the void that has been left behind. Lord get rid of the darkness I feel and renew my mind.

Share with me your inspiration for my life. I running a little low since I have lost my family members, especially my wife. What is it you want from me, I will do, if it takes away this despair that is making me feel so sad and blue.

I know I can trust in you and lean not unto my own understanding. I am not trying to run from life’s hectic nothing that’s so demanding. I am begging you to fill me more than ever before if my soul is worth the accord.

Oh Lord Lead me in thy truth and teach me, that I might be a recipient of your wonderful mercy. I have been so hard-headed not learning my lessons. Oh Lord remember not the sins of my youth nor my transgressions. Let me rest upon the hill of Mount Zion and rule my demons with a rod of iron.

Let me not be blinded no more or faithless at heaven’s door. Give me the strength to fight and slay my demons tonight. That I might rise tomorrow victorious in every way as you usher in a new dawn providing me with your amazing grace to live another day.

I pray in Jesus’s name Amen.

You are able to here me recite the poem on my podcast “The Last Podcast.”

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