Talent I came Across

I love listening to music like the next person. However, it’s rare I am willing to share the talent of someone I listened to who I find has a great amount of potential. This Arstist has an AMAZING voice, and I want to make this perfectly clear. I have never met this person in any way form or fashion. I just came across her music on Reverbnation and thought she was worth mentioning and spot-lighting her in my post.

I became an instant fan of Ashton Edminster and decided I would mention her across my social media platforms. As a poet myself I enjoy listening to the lyrics of songs as they also give me inspiration as I write new poems.

I enjoy the talent on Reverbnation and will highlight more artist as time goes by. I am always rooting for new up and coming artist who have so much passion for their craft. I find it refreshing to capture the talent before they become popular because it’s a raw moment in their journey. I love it!!!

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