Poem unforgettable

I treasure life’s seconds with you; you’re all I think of. In the tender moments of embrace, we shared love.

Under the crackling sounds in the fireplace. I gently kissed her upon your shoulder, and it’s love that I tasted. Love, I thought to myself, where do I begin as I savor the taste of her soft, beautiful skin?

She said, “I love the way you hold me like this, don’t ever let go.” I remember whispering in her ear, telling her how I loved her so.

I look into her eyes, wishing every moment can stay suspended in time. So I can look back and see the sparkle in her eyes and remember the beauty of her intelligence that stirred up my mind.

I remember it was the 15th of December, 1981. We were surrounded by no one. Under stars in the deep dark blue is where it all began; we became one. I stared into her eyes and she said this must be fate as we laughed and simultaneously realized we were meant to be soulmates.

Running my fingers ever so gently along the side of her face she smiled in such a provocative way. Time seemed to disappear as night became day. We held each other in a timeless moment that could never be taken away.

We loved each other so profoundly that the ocean was like a small pond. With every motion, we fell upon love’s embrace. Carefree, left only to see the love shining upon each other’s face.

We continued to hold each other, feeling the warmth of our embrace. We talked for hours; it was as if we found a hidden treasure in the words of our conversation; it can only be deemed heavenly’s grace.

What we shared was truly incredible. I will cherish the memories of our love that will remain etched in my heart, and remain unforgettable.

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