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Something About Me


This is my journey to becoming a better person. It all starts from me inward and then outward. I want nothing more than to become a person who can overcome the adversity of my own personal struggles.

To share what I have learned and help others overcome their own struggles. To provide hope for a better future to all, I come in contact with. But, more importantly, to share God’s great word of how it has helped me change my life.

As an insurance agent emphasizing life, accident, and cancer policies, I believe it is essential to take care of the mind, body, soul, and spirit. I also believe in helping people take care of themselves now and being prepared in case of sickness or catastrophic events.

Being a writer and poet, I get to share another side of myself and my talents, visions, opinions, aspirations, views, and last but not least, my imagination with you.


If you live in Texas, visit my site here; Texas Final Expense 

I am also a License Aflac Representative in Texas. You can see Aflac here.


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