What good book are you reading right now?

I find it amazing how simple it is to be wholly immersed in a good read. Don’t you? Wait, I am assuming you love to read. If you don’t, that’s ok. I am not judging here. There are times when I do get a little down and will not pick up a book but take to the television and binge watch some show. However, for the most part, I enjoy reading and writing.

Reading allows me to see the writer’s point of view on a certain perspective on a particular topic or life in general. I love the WordPress platform, and as long as they keep growing and evolving, I see myself being a part of this platform for a very long time.

Why the question in my headline? I am interested in building a mastermind group interested in changing their life through the power of learning new skills and concepts via reading an excellent instructional book. There are thousands of books from which to start. So how do you know what book to begin with? That is a great question. I guess that depends on what areas in your life you would like to make changes to first.

Who is up for a challenge?

I am willing to start right where you are at. But, I am looking for a few good people ready to take their lives to the next level. Someone who will be dedicated to their cause to make the sacrifices that come with exiting the comfort zone in their life. Are you that person?

It doesn’t matter what age bracket you are in. Young or seasoned, it does not matter. The only thing that matters is you. So please reach out to me, and let’s have fun changing our lives together. @ davidburton443@gmail.com or right here on this platform, you can reach out to me via email. Also, please share with me the book you are currently reading. I genuinely am interested in knowing. Thanks for your time, and have a great day!

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A Conversation With Procrastination

It is day six of working out. I want to quit already.  But something inside will not let me give up.  I feel procrastination creeping up on me, saying, “you can walk or run tomorrow; you are tired now and deserve to rest.”  Wow!!! I am at war with myself.  Have you ever said things like this to yourself?  I am finding more reasons to not workout than I have to work out.  Are you hearing me?  I am a hot mess today.

The Conversation With Procrastination

When contemplating doing a thing, you have a conversation with yourself.  Perhaps it’s not with yourself but with the spirit of procrastination and maybe doubt.  I want to take you on a journey of my conversation with procrastination the other day.

Maybe you have similar conversations with yourself as well. For example, for several months, I have developed a habit of watching television in the evening while I eat dinner and after that.  Before you know it, I have gained thirty pounds just like that.  While being a complete couch potato, I often said I should hit the treadmill.  I knew deep inside I had developed a bad habit that could lead to a severe problem down the road.   The other pattern I created was reading a book while the television was on or studying.

My treadmill in the living room is gathering dust.

The other day I looked at the treadmill, which is situated in my living room that made it easy to see and use.


However, procrastination chimed in their two cents and said, “relax, David, you are only going to hurt yourself because you are tired right now.  Sit here on the couch and get your feet up.  Look at your ankles; they’re swollen.”

This became my routine or new habit.


It’s been a while since I have used the treadmill, and the longer I delay, the more work I will have to do.


David, don’t you feel tired?  I know you want to work out, but right now, it is just a recipe for disaster and an accident ready to happen.


I can barely bend down to tie my shoes;  I also have to start eating healthier than what I have been eating. So I will do something today. I will be a brand new start for a healthier me.


I understand eating healthier but pump the breaks on that idea until you finish those cookies you bought.  You know you love those cookies, and I have to admit they are good.  David, let us finish off the first pack of the two boxes you bought yesterday now.


Procrastination, you have a valid point on the cookies. However, I am a little hungry right now anyway.  Wait procrastination!!!  Why don’t you want me to work out today?  You seem adamant on me sitting on the couch getting fat.  Is that what you want?


No, David, I want what’s best for you.  I know you are tired and hungry.  Once you relax, you can hit the treadmill if you’re going to.  I want you to get the proper rest to help prevent injuries.  Last night you didn’t sleep well, remember?


Procrastination, you said you have my best interest at heart.  However, it appears you don’t want me to start living a healthier lifestyle.  Why is that?


David, you have all wrong.  Remember when you hurt your leg because you were tired and came in and went right to the gym?  You kept getting sick as well.  Remember?  I want you to have the proper rest before you take on something strenuous.


I will switch up my routines and change some of the bad habits I developed. But, sorry, procrastination, I believe listening to you is how I created my bad habits in the first place. So, instead of procrastinating, I will implement action.

The conversation is over.  Whenever I feel procrastination is trying to influence me, I call for action.  Action is my procrastination killer. So when you think you are being affected by procrastination, TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY!

If we let procrastination have its way with us, we open the door for the spirit of laziness to visit.  Before you know it, you will have to the entire family of hopelessness, despair, defeatism, and sorrow.  We always have to work to be in a positive frame of mind.  It is easy to be negative, but it takes a constant effort to train your mind to be positive and productive.

Treadmill Results

Below is a picture of yesterday’s results



12/07/2021 Results.

Today is the sixth consecutive day of workouts and it is not easy.  However, I showed up.


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How I Am Creating A Powerful Small Habit For Change

If you have read my previous post on how I have failed my challenge, you know I have not quit. But, unfortunately, I did not receive the results I set out to achieve. So, I am at it again with complete transparency on how I intend to reach my lasting goal.  My goal is to lose eighty-nine pounds in nine months safely.

If my math is correct, I will lose roughly nine pounds a month.  The most I have dropped in one month was seven pounds.  I have never lost seven pounds back-to-back months.  I am not ready mentally for the challenge, but I need to start now.  That brings me to my third day on the treadmill.

The tiny habit I am creating is a disruption in routine when I come home from being out in the field going to b2b. When I usually come home, I grab something to eat and sit in front of the television while I eat. Then, once I finish eating, I get up, turn the t.v off, wash the dishes, and mosey on over to my computer.

There I read, check my emails, and surf for a few minutes before I get down to business.  Here is where I will disrupt my routine.  When I come home, I hurry up and change into my workout shorts, preparing my mindset for business with the treadmill.  Today is my third day of doing this.  I know it is too early to break out the champagne in triumph, but it sure feels good I found something working.

12/03/2021 Treadmill Results

The Psychology of My Habit

I had a bad habit of coming home eating and watching television for about fifteen minutes, and then going and sitting at my computer for several hours.  That habit was a recipe for disaster, which is why I have gained so much weight.  Most of what I do is in front of a computer screen.

Disruption 1

Before I arrive at home, I say to myself, “the first thing we are going to do is change into our workout clothing.” So I am mentally preparing to do the work before I arrive home by changing my clothes that feel good because they allow me to get comfortable.

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Disruption 2

Instead of saying I have to work out, I will change my mindset and verbiage and say it will be good to get on the treadmill and become much healthier for my future self. As a result, I am going to look great!

Changing what I am positively saying to myself reinforces a good habit and routine.  So far, it is working.  There will be days where I may feel overwhelmed and tired.  Those are the most important day to show up for me.  Even for a few minutes on the treadmill, I must realize I cannot give in to a lackadaisical temptation or do nothing at all.

Disruption 3

Breaking my bad habits is what I am focusing on by making the bad habits challenging to perform and unattractive.  Thereby making good habits more attractive, easily reachable, and more rewarding when accomplished.  For example, I love cookies and sweets.  They are my downfall, along with my favorite fried chicken.  No kidding!  I am not being facetious.  I would hate to see what my insides look like after eating fried chicken almost every other day this year.

Here’s one of my plans.  Before I go into it, let me give you a little context why I believe my plan will work.  I used to smoke a pack and a half of cigarettes daily.  I stopped smoking seventeen years ago by associating smoking with pain.

I knew I had to create something drastic or trick myself into thinking something was wrong.  Every time I would smoke, I would force myself to cough badly.  I would then say, “I have to stop smoking. I cannot stand the pain I feel when it makes me cough.”  It has been seventeen years since I have picked up a cigarette.  That worked for me in that situation.

So, eating sweets and fried chicken all the time will cause me to be very obese, unable to tie my shoes, put on socks, and makes me very winded to walk.  PAIN!  I put up with all those things and have come to a point where the discomfort is also causing other health problems.

It would be best to stop the unwanted behavior at its source.  Threat the problem, not the symptoms.  I have to be brutally honest with myself about my emotions, triggers, and the solutions that might work.  I am not perfect, but the only thing I will quit are the bad habits that keep me from achieving my goals.


I Have Failed

I have failed to lose all the weight I intended to lose at my last attempt. So, I am going back to the drawing board.  It has been an emotional journey to lose weight and manage all the losses I have experienced.

Not to mention several near-death events my wife has experienced in the past year. However, my wife is a strong-willed woman and will do anything for her family.  With what she has endured, there is no doubt the good Lord has her around for a reason.

We spend a great deal going to and from the hospital every week for one reason or another.  I know it’s very taxing on my wife’s body, mind, and spirit.  I want to be there for her so much; I believe I forgot about myself.  I have gained weight eating all the wrong things and letting my healthy way fall by the wayside.

I weighed in today at a WHOPPING 289LBS.  Yes!!!  That is insane!  I own this gross failure to take care of myself. I cannot blame it on circumstances.  I made the conscious decision to eat cookies, cakes, and a ton of fried chicken.  I was often eating one meal or stress eating to a degree where I could not move.

Look at me slacking.

From the picture on the left, you can see that I have regained my weight back.  It’s ok because I am down but not out. But, you know, I need to make some adjustments for lasting results.

I have to admit that a lot is going on in the mental realm that requires assessment and adjusting.  Today is day one of my new beginning.  I will log the good, bad, and ugly: no fluff here, only some good honest truth.



The Second Day Back On The Treadmill

I did not want to get on the treadmill today.  I came home. I was tired and hungry.  The first thing I did when I got home was change into workout clothes.  Then I ate dinner and waited fifteen minutes and started walking slowly on the treadmill and gradually increased the speed.

Final steps = 7,054.

Final Distance 2.21 miles.

Help me follow my dreams and passion for writing by donating a small token.  It will be highly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

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Super Charge Your Morning With Gratitude

When you awake in the morning what is the first thing you do? Better yet, what is the first thing you say to yourself? I recently was talking with a friend who admittedly indicated he says “I will stay in bed another five minutes” and it usually ends up being a little longer than five minutes. When he finally jumps up he is usually late for work and has to rush for the rest of the morning. This usually sets the tone of the day for him and he admits he feels rushed for the most of the morning and is not as productive as he was when he first started working at his company.

My friend wakes up every morning with an alarm clock app on his phone. I suggested putting his phone on the far end of the room or bathroom. This way it would prompt him to get out of the bed in the morning instead of hitting snooze and rolling over.

Super-charging morning with powerful incantations.
Empowering and Super-Charging Ideas

Super Charging Ideas

I informed my friend when the alarm clock on his phone rings in the morning. Instead of running to shut it off immediately, recite these words while sitting on the edge of the bed;

Today is going to be a great day!

Thank you God for allowing me to see another day!

Today I will arrive at work early!

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to earn a living.

Today I will assist others and offer encouragement to my co-workers.

Thank you God for blessing me with being good steward of the things entrusted in me.

Today I will make someone smile.

I informed my friend he doesn’t have to say all of those sentences, just recite one a day and watch what happens. Needless to say, my friend thought it was silly to do so. However, he tried it for two weeks and BAM!!! What do you know. It worked! My friend arrives at work fifteen minutes early and brings coffee and croissants for some of his co-workers, putting a smile on their faces.

My friend told me he copied the above statement on to an index card and leaves it on his night stand. He has since added his own and tells me it works wonders. Now he is sharing the idea with his co-workers and they have adopted this process to their work environment.

How can you super-charge your morning? Why not try from a position of gratitude and watch the power of transformation work in your life. You can use this same suggestion for eating healthy, exercising, etc. The power of transformation will work just the same.

Chipping Away At The Fat

You know what is amazing? When you set out to do something and you start to see the results of your hard work and sacrifice come to fruition. My goal is simple in statement, Lose forty-pounds and then lose forty more. Simple right? Yeah right! I am no stranger to the notion losing one hundred pounds safely. This is has been a journey of mine for several years. However, I always come up short. The last time I was under two hundred pounds was thirty years ago. Yes! That long. I know it was a long time ago but it can be done. Guess what? I am going to achieve this. Last month I weighed in at 289lbs for my challenge at Healthy Wage. When I started I was all gun ho and dropped six and half pounds on one week.

I remember looking at the scale and was so excited that I lost weight and knew at that time I was on the right track. Then you know what happened? I did not change my habit or behavior that put me in the position recognize I needed to lose weight. I kept on doing the same thing and eating the same things. The discipline to say no was non-existent.

The end of December 2020.

I realized more than ever, I had to stop this vicious cycle of losing weight and gaining weight. I need some stability and in order for that to happen I had to change. I had change my behavior and habits with lasting change. Before I realize that, I continued to eat and workout periodically.

I would make all kind of excuses that sound great and sometimes were even true. Like, I am too tired, or my body hurts and I don’t feel good today. Mostly I started procrastinating more than usual. I was making Fat excuses which perpetuated becoming heavier and unable to move the way I wanted too.

The second week in January 2021.

I ballooned back up to 292.3lbs and I had the audacity to be surprised that I gained weight in the wrong direction. I sat myself down and had a serious talk with myself. Yes! I was not happy to say the least.

Do you know how hard it is to lose weight with bad habits and bad food behaviors? I must get it together, especially when I use food for a crux. When I feel sad, it’s time to eat. When I feeling depressed it is really time to chow down. This is a big one. When I am bored out of my mind it is time to have a buffet.

I had to find my why and put it to the forefront of everything that I do. Here is where I stand as of today. After changing small things in the way I eat. This morning I weighed myself and I really like where the numbers are heading. However, I have been hear before.

Saturday 01/30/2021

I am now on the right track and started losing weight. I have three eggs with spinach in the morning and then a shake two and half hours later. Then I would drink plenty of water and sometime have a hot green tea with lemon.

For lunch I would have a salad with boiled chicken or sautéed chicken with peppers and plenty of water. Two hours later I would have snack with some various kinds of nuts or an orange and strawberries. Stuff like this appears to be working very well. It is all about persistence in eating healthy and combination of moving, and exercising. Stay toon so you can witness the transformation over time I will achieve.

Small Changes Can Yield Big Results

Before the pandemic hit in March 2020, I was suffering from the loss of several family members and the near death experience of my wife. Then the pandemic hit, I felt as though I was suffocating and really did not understand what was happening to me. Trying to be positive for my wife who was implanted with a Ventricular Device after her third heart attack.

I completely turned numb to my situation and feelings. I started binge eating and ballooned back up to 292lbs. The day I realized I could no longer fit my clothes or walk a short distance without being completely winded. I knew it was time to get back to the living and start taking care of myself. I must make the change if I were to be there for my wife and kids.

I knew what would work to lose weight, however, it was the implementation that was difficult. In other words, taking the first step so I can take the second. This has always been a journey for me. I embark on gaining momentum and then life hits and I lose steam and stop. I don’t start diets, I change habits which work for periods of time. However, I now realize changing habits is great to change, but for lasting results I have to change my mindset as well.

So, how do I do that? I started updating my library and pay attention to what I mentally intake, and I slowly start taking control of my thoughts. I slowly alter what I eat. Why slowly? I say slowly because it is the habit I am changing as well as the mindset. I understand making the decision to this is instant. Making the actual change takes time, persistence, dedication, and desire. If you persist you would see your vision, dreams, and aspirations materialize.

Small changes Over Time Can Have A Big Impact Over Time

Small changes over time can make a big difference and impact to what you are trying to achieve. Every morning I would have two cups of coffee and don’t eat anything until afternoon. Which was a great way for go into starvation mode and store fat. My small change Example; I eat two eggs with spinach and one cup of coffee followed by a cup of tea. A funny thing happened. I found myself dropping the coffee and now have a bottle of water and a cup of tea. After two weeks of doing this combine with other small changes in what I eat I notice weight loss. Small changes equals big results.

Here are some ideas of small habits you can alter that will greatly impact you in the future in more ways than one.

  • Go for a walk for fifteen minutes instead of just flopping down in front of the television or computer. Over time you can increase your walk time to thirty minutes if you want. Remember the idea here is small until you can increase or make a small difference that will lead to better or healthier small habits that can possibly become big changes in your health and life.

How can walking make a big impact? Walking has been known for improving you mood. It has also been linked to helping you maintain your weight, including being responsible for losing a few pounds. Not to mention, how brisk walking can help to improve your balance.

  • Substitute bad sugar for good sugar. I know it’s crazy but it works. What is the difference you ask? Bad sugar is found in processed food, soda, sugar in you coffee, or added sugar you may add in sauce for your meals. Cereals, bread, and pastries, just to name a few.
  • Read ten pages per day. Over time you will increase your vocabulary, and increase your knowledge. Reading can be a great stress reliever. Reading allows you to escape and take a journey into a wonderful creative minds of many creative people. Reading ten pages a day can help you become a better writer as well. Small habit changes can yield big results.
  • Power Learn for fifteen minutes a day. Have you ever wanted to learn something new but felt you just did not have the time? Take fifteen minutes a day to explore new concepts and ideas via reading or video. Several things over time will happen. Your curiosity will grow prompting you to find time to continue to learn more about that subject, trade, idea or concept. Depending what you learn can make you more valuable in the market place. There by increasing your confidence and financial status. Increasing your rate of pay and or better position with a new title can provide you with new avenues that will allow you to help others do the same. Always remember, learning new information is great. However, if the new information you acquire is not acted upon it’s just that, new information for entertainment purposes. You must put the new information, concepts, and ideas into action for them to work for you in your life.
  • Change Your Habits. Take a look at your personal life. I am sure you heard this before and may have perform it as well. Take a piece of paper and write down some of your bad habits you would like to change. Be brutally honest with yourself. Just writing down what could be improved upon is one of the first steps to taking ownership and responsibility and making it real. Be clear and concise. You want to tackle this list with small changes at first. Write out what needs to be changed and create a clear road-map of how those changes will take place. Then take ACTION!

There are a host of habits you can make small changes to that can have an big impact. Smoking for one, drinking, and drugs are all habits I have personally conquered by the grace of God with no intervention. I can attest by making a decision to take action you can change your life completely around. I have been clean for over thirty years. I know and have experienced the adverse effects these types of bad habits can have on you and love ones.

Taking action by changing small things in your life can create a better future for you and those who you love and adore in your life. More importantly, you become a better person in society. Creating an impact of light that will shine and emanate with the capacity to effect others in a positive way.

A Note From The Author

This morning I am reminded more so than every morning that we are standing in the mist of greatness.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, or what status in life you are at, what nationality or ethnicity you are.  We are all standing in the mist of greatness. 

Just the mere fact that you are here and was allow to have another day on this earth.  Don’t waste another month, not another week, not another hour or even another minute.  Stand fast in the mist of your own greatness and believe in your own destiny and watch the power of the almighty shake the rivers of opportunity upon your life. It is your time to shine and rise up into who you were destine to be.

Build Your New Life One Rep At A Time

Today while at the gym a thought occurred to me as I was pounding away in repetition doing crunches. I knew I needed to work on my overall package, (my entire body) and have been neglecting my midsection for some time. It’s been over a week since I have done any crunches. Looking down at my mid-section I would consider, how on earth did I missed that? We do reps to break the muscle down to failure and build it back up stronger than before. What I am looking to do here is firm up my mid-section and have it nice and tight, something I can be proud of when I look in the mirror. In order to achieve the look I am after I would have to do a variety of exercises that isolates the different muscle groups that make up the mid-section area including the oblique’s muscle group.

Imagine if we were to workout in areas of our life. What I mean is; you find one area you want to improve upon and find a series of proven strategies you know that if you do them you would create the outcome you were after. One rep at a time. One successful activity after another consistently over time would ensure your success of the outcome you desire. It’s like building a muscle in the body. You have constantly work that muscle out and do rep after rep to make it bigger and stronger. It’s the same thing with our lives.

If we want something to change, we have to change. If you desire a bigger bank account you may need to re-educate yourself one book after another, and perhaps change your philosophy as well. We live in the information age which is simply a period of time of accumulative information to measure. One minute after another and one piece of informative advice after another over time, one rep after another, do see my point?

This is colossal information and yes, when you apply the proven strategies to develop what it is that you are trying to achieve it comes with a price. So what are you willing to sacrifice? What are you willing to let go of? What habits are you willing to change? It all boils down to this! HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?

In the gym they have mirrors where you can look at yourself working, to make sure you are using the correct form and or simply enjoy being vain if that’s your thing. But the mirror can also serve as pivotal focus point when one is about to give up. When you come to the point and say to yourself why am I killing myself? It’s not going to happen I am never going to lose all this weight and self-doubt starts to overwhelm you.

Then you look up at the mirror and suddenly you realize this is why you are here at the gym, to stop looking the way you look. To stop feeling the way you feel about yourself at that moment of despair and doubt. So you begin to move with a new sense of determination, with a new attitude and start to feed your mind with one positive thought after another on why you need to stick with this workout and NOT GIVE IN OR GIVE UP. YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON YOU!

I Constanly Look To Improve

Explosive day at the office!

I will be looking at maximizing my workout time to burn as many calories in a workout as I possibly can. Then I will start watching what I eat and to be sure to consume 2600 calories a day per my friend who is a nutritionist and advised me to do.

The reason for the change is I noticed my heart is in the right lane but I lack the ability to effective create the desire change I so desperately seek. I have already started this regiment and have notice some changes just within the several days I have been trying this.

You know, that got me thinking. Sometimes it’s good to acquire or enlist the help of someone who is very successful at what you are trying to achieve. If I can do this about with health, I can certainly do this spiritually, financially, and academically. This is a great way to achieve faster results and learn how to avoid the pitfalls they have encountered. In essence, we can learn from other people’s success, failures and forge our own success with all of our hard work.

I guess we must be certain of what we want out of life to forge a clear and laser focused path to our desire results. Are you sure you are on the correct path or are you doing what you think is expected of you?

I talk a lot about passion because so many people are not doing what they are truly passionate about. I for one can attest to this because I am passionate about writing, encouraging, motivating others through my writings. That is the reason I write here every day.

Enough about me.

Start asking yourself life changing questions. Am I living in the house I imagined? Have I travels to all the destinations I wanted to? Does my life reflect my imagination? Have I lived up to my own expectations, or can I achieve more out of life? If not, WHY?

(Personal note, these are questions I have asked myself just over six months ago. I feel my life changing for the better for having asked and responded.)

Don’t answer these questions here but write your answers on a piece of paper.

1. What am I most passionate about?
2. Am I living my passion with purpose?
3. Do you have a bucket list? If not, why?
4. What are my strengths?
5. What are my weaknesses?

This is what I would like to achieve in the next year __________________. Why?

This is what I would like to achieve in the next 3 Years ____________________. Why?

What is stopping me from reaching my current goal?


What can I do to change my outcome?

As always I want to thank you for reading my post. I hope you challenge yourself to answer these questions. For now have a spectacular day!