How to be inspired to walk or run

Make a declaration to yourself and state why it is importatant that you get into shape, and why you will not give up on you.

I started a New blog

It's not everyday we say to ourselves. I should start another blog. After all, I have several blogs and I am still learning what to do with them. Ha, ha, I know I should have mapped that plan out long ago. Nevertheless, I think this blog will be very interesting. For one, I have to … Continue reading I started a New blog

My Sunday Weight-Loss Thought

For the past three days, I was preparing myself to get serious about losing eighteen pounds in twenty-six days left in my HealthyWage challenge.  My starting weight was 289lbs.  In my first week of the challenge, I lost about four to six pounds and was thrilled.  Then suddenly, I gained weight and went up to … Continue reading My Sunday Weight-Loss Thought

Chipping Away At The Fat

You know what is amazing? When you set out to do something and you start to see the results of your hard work and sacrifice come to fruition. My goal is simple in statement, Lose forty-pounds and then lose forty more. Simple right? Yeah right! I am no stranger to the notion losing one hundred … Continue reading Chipping Away At The Fat

New Treadmill, Time to Work

By the title of this article I guess I took out the guess work of what I will be talking about, right? I will spare you the hardship I suffered trying to put this treadmill together, let's say it was only difficult for me because of my weight and being out of shape. However, it … Continue reading New Treadmill, Time to Work

New Results In Fat Burning Journey

  The journey to living in a healthier way has been a difficult one for me.  However, the journey has been an engaging one with ups and down while trying improve my life through underlying health issues. I believe if you truly go after that which you desire with persistency, determination, and steadfast tenacity.  You … Continue reading New Results In Fat Burning Journey

Build Your New Life One Rep At A Time

Today while at the gym a thought occurred to me as I was pounding away in repetition doing crunches. I knew I needed to work on my overall package, (my entire body) and have been neglecting my midsection for some time. It’s been over a week since I have done any crunches. Looking down at … Continue reading Build Your New Life One Rep At A Time

I Constanly Look To Improve

Explosive day at the office! I will be looking at maximizing my workout time to burn as many calories in a workout as I possibly can. Then I will start watching what I eat and to be sure to consume 2600 calories a day per my friend who is a nutritionist and advised me to … Continue reading I Constanly Look To Improve

Startling Facts About My Bad Habit

In a world where there is an abundance of food choices we can only imagine the temptation that accompanies a variety of delicious cuisines.  I for one love sweets and is tempted every to engage my taste buds with mouthwatering chocolate delights that seem to light up my day.  Yes!  Light up my day! I … Continue reading Startling Facts About My Bad Habit