Making Change A Lifestyle

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Are you stuck in the same old routine where you go about the day on autopilot?  We must remember there are many ways we can spice up our day through avenues of change.  Integrate something new, tweaking a behavior, or incorporating something to enhance sales, production, or quality.

There is nothing better than the incredible feeling of accomplishment for something you have worked extremely hard to accomplish.  I want you to think back for a moment.  What was a significant achievement in your life?  Why? 

I believe the more significant the sacrifice, the extensive the reward, and the sense of appreciation of that accomplishment.  It gives credence and value to the process and results.  Let us dive a little deeper.  Let us say you failed at something for argument’s sake.  The first thing one must do is take ownership. You must recognize this is your journey and all the moving parts including the results are merely by-products of your decisions.

Take Responsibility for Mistakes and Failures

Instead of blaming anything or anyone for the outcome. Find what decision lead you down the path of the result.  By incorporation daily journals or notations help with you not only staying on tract and focused.  It allows you to help tweak what may not be working early and make the necessary corrections to continue in the right direction.  Thus, making a change a lifestyle.

Making Changes Every Day

In life, we are constantly making changes and decisions every day.  From the moment you wake up and get out of bed.  You have made a choice and a decision to move forward.  You can always choose to stay in bed, as many of us desire to do so, from time to time. 

However, we make choices on autopilot too which sometimes can make the beginning so monotonous.  There are some people who drive the same way to work for years without ever altering their routes.  Leaving a little earlier to take a route to work can sometimes allow you to see new things and even opportunities you would have missed had you continued with the same tired autopilot routine.

Some people who never smile but are always serious are also more stressed than that of a person who find reasons to smile more often.  When you smile it releases neuropeptides which can help improve your mood, productivity, better relationships.  If you take it a step further and if laugh it releases endorphins in the brain which can make you feel good, help relieve minor pain and much more.

Making a lifestyle change is forever evolving to optimize your life and what happens in your life.  We as humans, have ability to change in an instant through choice.  Once the decision is made to alter our behavior, we must be dedicated to stay focus so that the goals we are seeking can come to fruition.

Changes Are All Around Us

Some people do not like change at all.  However, they are part of change whether they want to change or not.  Take time for example; it is always changing and moving from second to second, to minute to minute, and hour to hour.   With time we are always changing, by becoming older by the hour, month, and years.  We cannot alter or control time, we can only control what we do with the time we have.  Time allows us to reflect on past events, activities, feelings, along with out actions at a particular moment in time.  With the transition in time, we can make adjustments, change our habits, our behavior, create goals by setting a new course in the transition of future time.  Making change a lifestyle for good.

Where Warriors Meet

Today I am up with an early start and back at the office.  Yes!!!  Time to work out.  This feels like a long awaited moment with all the hype and expectations, all the trash talk and the legacy two warriors about the meet for the first time with one massive explosion of talent and in the end when all the dust settles, when all the blood sweat and tears hit the canvas. There will be only one WARRIOR standing.

Wait!!! I know you don’t think I am talking about that UNBELIEVABLE EXCUSE OF a fight Saturday night whose names are not worth mentioning here?  Ah, ah, ah.  Oh grasshopper, how easily fooled are you.

Hey have a great day as always.c698e36d3b53bd6419e34391e2c6f15f

Ten Great Benefits To Exercising

Eating-FruitsMy mind matures the older I get and it’s understandable too. Over time you accumulate knowledge, experience and so forth right? Tell me if you get this. We mature however, the mind stays young while the body throws up red flags, sickness, and limitations due to the aging factor. I can surely tell you if I knew back when what I know now, I would have prepared much better. The great news is I realize I have an opportunity to slow down the process by taking care of my body with good maintenance through eating healthy, exercising and getting the proper rest.

Ten great benefits of exercising;

1. Reduce Stress
2. A Release of Endorphins which increases happiness.
3. Building Self Confidence
4. Maintain Cognitive Mitigation
5. Become More Creative
6. Increase Relaxation
7. Boost Brain Power
8. Increases Energy
9. Helps Ward off Disease
10. Creates a Stronger Heart

Here’s a bonus, you get to lose weight!!! Lol!!!

Thanks for reading my post today. As always I wish you a great and prosperous day.

Champion Your Life

It’s that time again. You guessed it!  It is time to hit the office and put in work.  You know that great part about putting in the work.  You get to grow as a person, you get to feel what’s it’s like to work hard for something. Sure there are times you feel discouraged but you put in the work anyway, and in you get to see what you are made.

There may be times when you feel down and out and you hear that voice inside you that won’t let you quit. This allows you to grow in strength and integrity. There are even times where life derails you but the champion in you finds the correct detour to get back on the track of success.  This is when you let that fire in your belly burn, the urge to succeed takes over and keeps you on course.  This is what solidifies YOU as the WINNER YOU ARE!

It doesn’t matter what you are trying to achieve in life, if you truly want it go get it.



Taking A Step Back

There are many qualities we possess and one quality intrigues me a great deal. One of those qualities that shapes us as human beings is the profound ability to always seek a satisfaction of something or someone. Whether it’s sitting in front of the television going mentally numb, or pulling all your resources together and trying to achieve what you thought at one time was clearly impossible for you to accomplish.

I have met a couple of strangers and ask, “If you had it to do all over again, what one thing in your life would you change? And why?” Some people without blinking rattled off what they would have changed and some gave great thought and answer very carefully. Never have I asked this question online but thought let me give it a world and go for it just in case someone here was brave enough to answer.

Last question, what are you most proud of outside of your kids, occupations, family and friends?
I would like to open a dialogue and engage you.

I Constanly Look To Improve

Explosive day at the office!

I will be looking at maximizing my workout time to burn as many calories in a workout as I possibly can. Then I will start watching what I eat and to be sure to consume 2600 calories a day per my friend who is a nutritionist and advised me to do.

The reason for the change is I noticed my heart is in the right lane but I lack the ability to effective create the desire change I so desperately seek. I have already started this regiment and have notice some changes just within the several days I have been trying this.

You know, that got me thinking. Sometimes it’s good to acquire or enlist the help of someone who is very successful at what you are trying to achieve. If I can do this about with health, I can certainly do this spiritually, financially, and academically. This is a great way to achieve faster results and learn how to avoid the pitfalls they have encountered. In essence, we can learn from other people’s success, failures and forge our own success with all of our hard work.

I guess we must be certain of what we want out of life to forge a clear and laser focused path to our desire results. Are you sure you are on the correct path or are you doing what you think is expected of you?

I talk a lot about passion because so many people are not doing what they are truly passionate about. I for one can attest to this because I am passionate about writing, encouraging, motivating others through my writings. That is the reason I write here every day.

Enough about me.

Start asking yourself life changing questions. Am I living in the house I imagined? Have I travels to all the destinations I wanted to? Does my life reflect my imagination? Have I lived up to my own expectations, or can I achieve more out of life? If not, WHY?

(Personal note, these are questions I have asked myself just over six months ago. I feel my life changing for the better for having asked and responded.)

Don’t answer these questions here but write your answers on a piece of paper.

1. What am I most passionate about?
2. Am I living my passion with purpose?
3. Do you have a bucket list? If not, why?
4. What are my strengths?
5. What are my weaknesses?

This is what I would like to achieve in the next year __________________. Why?

This is what I would like to achieve in the next 3 Years ____________________. Why?

What is stopping me from reaching my current goal?


What can I do to change my outcome?

As always I want to thank you for reading my post. I hope you challenge yourself to answer these questions. For now have a spectacular day!