I Have Every Reason To Be Thankful

The family’s Thanksgiving.

It’s around that time again.  Thanksgiving is approaching, and we get to enjoy all the festivities that come with the celebration of being thankful for all that we have.  This year is exceptional for me because last year, I almost lost my wife to heart disease.  At one point, they were sending her home from the hospital and informing us to get her affairs in order.  After the news, I sat at the edge of her hospital bed, and we both cried. Fortunately, my wife’s cardiologist disagreed with his colleague’s assessment.

My wife’s cardiologist suggested an LVAD.  It’s a fancy and short name for a Left Ventricular Assist Device.  It’s a heart pump attached to the recipient’s heart to assist the heart with distributing blood to the rest of the body’s organs.


Heart Pump


Some may think that living like this is not very good. But then you have some people who would gladly take on the opportunity to walk with this for the rest of their life as a blessing or new lease on life.  Do you sacrifice some things? Yes, you do?  However, it sure beats the alternative. Sure it does.  You get to be here with family and do your best to enjoy your new lease on life with family.

This year more than ever, I am grateful for the cardiologist who believed that my wife would survive against all odds, including some of his colleagues who did not share his opinion.

How grateful I am to have my wife by my side and me by hers.  What are you thankful for?

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Ten Great Benefits To Exercising

Eating-FruitsMy mind matures the older I get and it’s understandable too. Over time you accumulate knowledge, experience and so forth right? Tell me if you get this. We mature however, the mind stays young while the body throws up red flags, sickness, and limitations due to the aging factor. I can surely tell you if I knew back when what I know now, I would have prepared much better. The great news is I realize I have an opportunity to slow down the process by taking care of my body with good maintenance through eating healthy, exercising and getting the proper rest.

Ten great benefits of exercising;

1. Reduce Stress
2. A Release of Endorphins which increases happiness.
3. Building Self Confidence
4. Maintain Cognitive Mitigation
5. Become More Creative
6. Increase Relaxation
7. Boost Brain Power
8. Increases Energy
9. Helps Ward off Disease
10. Creates a Stronger Heart

Here’s a bonus, you get to lose weight!!! Lol!!!

Thanks for reading my post today. As always I wish you a great and prosperous day.

Taking A Step Back

There are many qualities we possess and one quality intrigues me a great deal. One of those qualities that shapes us as human beings is the profound ability to always seek a satisfaction of something or someone. Whether it’s sitting in front of the television going mentally numb, or pulling all your resources together and trying to achieve what you thought at one time was clearly impossible for you to accomplish.

I have met a couple of strangers and ask, “If you had it to do all over again, what one thing in your life would you change? And why?” Some people without blinking rattled off what they would have changed and some gave great thought and answer very carefully. Never have I asked this question online but thought let me give it a world and go for it just in case someone here was brave enough to answer.

Last question, what are you most proud of outside of your kids, occupations, family and friends?
I would like to open a dialogue and engage you.